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ColorBlind by Melanie MeadowThe Waking Up by Melanie Meadow

During a time in our nation’s history when Kentucky was a frontier wilderness full of “rogues and rascals,” a Presbyterian minister hauls his family over the Appalachian Mountains to carve out a new homestead — and light the spark of a spiritual work that changes a nation. Meanwhile, a young frontierswoman from neighboring Tennessee finds herself drawn in to these “church” meetings and sees displays of God’s power that she never imagined. How she responds will change the course of her life along with those she loves. Readers will be captivated as they watch these two characters come to know one another and experience a great move of God — both together and separately. So much accuracy is relayed in this account of historical fiction, that readers will be left wondering just which parts were imagined in this realistic tale.

Author Melanie Meadow

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ColorBlind by Melanie MeadowColorBlind by Melanie Meadow

It’s the summer of 1968 — the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was recently assassinated, Nixon is about to become president, and 12-year-old Mildred Juniper Rhodes is in a quandary. Her Daddy got a wild hair to move to Piedmont, S.C., to pastor a church filled with coloreds and whites — which isn’t making much of anybody happy.

When the town’s crazy widow, a dairy farmer, becomes one of Mildred’s only friends, Mildred realizes that things are bad. Add to that having to go to church in a run-down Bingo Hall, facing flaming threats of violence in her own front yard, and a run-in with a homeless man — it gets worse and worse.

But when Miz Wanda Broomer’s husband begins to leave bruises and cuts all over his wife’s face and Mildred’s daddy has to step in, this preacher’s daughter finds herself in the middle of a heap of trouble. Will she be able to keep herself together long enough to save the day?
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